Frequently Asked Questions


1. What percentage of donations are applied towards programs?Response

- We will use 90% of our donations to fund our programs. We understand that your donations are for the cause. Our admin expenses are not and will not be included within this 90%.

2. How are your admin expenses financed?Response

- Our administrative expenses utilizing 10% of donations and 60% of fundraisers.

3. What will you do with excess donations?Response

- When we receive donations that exceed the costs of our programs; we will place them in a savings account to expand our housing and programs.

4. How long until you get your first transitional home?Response

- The first group home will be established after we receive and save enough funding.

5. How long could a displaced veteran stay in the transitional home?Response

- If, the veteran is capable of working he will be prepared for employment and they will be able to stay up to two years.

6. What if, the displaced veteran isn't capable of working because of age or disability?Response

- Those veterans will be allowed to stay indefinite if they choose.

7. How will the displaced veterans be prepared for employment?Response

- We have established a relationship with a staffing agency that is willing to help with our program and our cause.

8. How will you provide for transportation?Response

- Each transitional housing will have a vehicle dedicated to providing transportation services to its members.

9. What would you do if, you don't have enough room for a displaced  veteran in need?Response

- Each veteran will be given the respect of having their own rooms. If, there is another veteran in need, we won't overcrowd the rooms. However, we will take their information down and help them find a shelter nearby until we could establish another transitional housing location.

10. Will the displaced veterans be living alone?Response

- No, each transitional housing will have a staffed manager that will be responsible for maintaining the house. To include supply inventory and transportation.