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“Help Us Help Those Who Have Served.”

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Our goal is to develop a system of transitional homes. In these homes each displaced veteran will have their own room and won't have to pay for any of it. They will be able to participate in our program for as long as 2 years, the full intention is re-integration with society. If, they're not capable of finding a job because of age or disability, we will then allow them to stay permanently.


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We decided to go out to the streets and conduct some video interviews of displaced veterans. We would like for you to hear their stories.

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This is an interview with
John P.

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This is an interview with
Norbert K.


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Community Involvement

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We conduct additional events to our cause because we believe all displaced people need help in one way or another. *These are real videos of volunteers helping.* We have gone out fed them hot food and given away clothes that we've received from donations.

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