Services We Provide For Displaced Veterans

Our services aren’t currently in full operation

We plan to be the bridge between military mentality and civilian mentality. While in service we’re told what to do, where, how and what attire to wear. We understand some veterans either never fully transitioned or simply is having a hard time.

We currently provide the following services:

  • Personalized Individual Sponsorship
  • Clothing/Hygene Assistance
  • Identification Retrieval
  • Military Records Retrievial
  • Veteran Identification
  • Housing Placement
  • Haircut Services
  • Resume Assistance
  • Employment Search

    Future Services include the following:

  • Provide Transitional Housing
  • Transportation
  • Services Invisioned

    We want help displaced veterans by placing them in a transitional house. From that house; we will help schedule their appointments for medical screening and attention, transport them to all resources made available, prepare them for job placement, stabilize their financial readiness and assure each individual is fully established before letting them move forward. Each veterans will have the decency of maintaining their own rooms to allow them their own privacy. Each location will have a staffed manager that will assist them throughout this reintegration process and assure each veteran is on the proper schedule and program.